Winterbourne Abbas
Winterbourne abbas little chef
Name Winterbourne Abbas
Number 051
Year Opened 1968-72
Year Closed 2017
Road A35
Location Winterbourne Abbas, Dorchester
County Dorset
Postcode DT2 9LU
The Winterbourne Abbas branch was a former Little Chef restaurant located on the A35 in Winterbourne Abbas near Dorchester, Dorset.

The Little Chef at Winterbourne Abbas first opened between 1968 and 1972 and was positioned at a clever site. Not only was it positioned next to a busy road which was prone to a lot of long distance traffic travelling to the west but it was also positioned right next to the densely populated village of Winterbourne Abbas, meaning that there was the chance of attracting locals to the restaurant as well as fellow travellers on the A35. The restaurant, due to its small site, didn't recieve the bonus of filling station but it still happily ventured forward on its own.

Like a lot of other Little Chef restaurants opening in this era, Winterbourne Abbas was housed inside of a building with the design of a converted house which suggests that Forte, along with many other roadside buildings, bought this roadside house in order to convert it into a Little Chef restaurant as part of their plans to expand the chain rapidly across the UK. 

In 2012, there was a massive change for the Little Chef at Winterbourne Abbas as it recieved a massive refurbishment which was like the "Wonderfully British" refurbishment but a little different. The only difference was that the restaurant did not recieve the Good to Go counter as part of the rennovations. Still, the refurbishment should make travellers and locals happy as it gives a modern taste of the Little Chef dining experience. 

In 2017, the Little Chef chain was sold to Eurogarages, resulting in the closure of the Winterbourne Abbas branch. The branch was said to have closed due to a lease which was about to expire which Eurogarages simply didn't want to renew. The remaining restaurants remain open but it could be feared that a majority if not all could be rebranded

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