West Meon
Name West Meon
Number 241
Year Opened 1982-84
Year Closed 2004
Road A32/A272
Location West Meon, Petersfield
County Hampshire
Postcode GU32 1JX

The West Meon branch was a former Little Chef restaurant located at the junction of the A32 and A272 near West Meon, Hampshire.

Opened between 1982 and 1984, the Little Chef at West Meon was positioned at a clever site. Not only was it positioned next to a busy filling station which complimented the Little Chef brand to help attract a larger audience but it was also positioned at the crossroads of two busy roads (the A32 and A272) which both served routes to the South East. With these two roads being prone to a lot of long distance traffic, the chances of the Little Chef attracting passing traffic to dine at the restaurant was quite high so this certain Little Chef site was planned very well by Forte.

Sadly in 2004, Little Chef owners, Permira of Canada, announced the sale of 131 Little Chef sites and West Meon was one of them. The sites that were up for sale were usually standalone ones with no accompanying lodges or restaurants. The Little Chef at West Meon closed in 2004.

This was not the end for the Little Chef though as the restaurant happily reopened as an independent known as Loomie's Cafe which still has some Little Chef DNA in it. For example, there are two 'minimilk' lamposts standing by the car park entrance of the cafe (of which the one on the left has a missing lamp). As for the interior of the cafe, it retains the Little Chef curtains, lampshades and furniture and also has the open servery and small chalkboards above the servery. The griddles are also the same as Little Chef ones.