Warminster view from roundabout
Name Warminster
Number 517
Year Opened 1995/96
Year Closed OPEN 
Road A36/A350
Location Warminster
County Wiltshire
Postcode BA12 7RU

The Warminster branch is a current Little Chef restaurant located at the junction of the A36 and A350 near Warminster, Wiltshire.

Warminster Services opened in 1992 and was positioned just off a roundabout serving the A36 and A350 roads. Roundabout sites were always great places to build service stations at as they provided easy access to all routes and were also easily spotable. Warminster was built by Motorway Services giant Granada as part of their plans to conquer the A-roads with scaled-down motorway-style sites. Others included Blyth (A1), Musselburgh (A1), Markfield (A50), Colsterworth (A1), Saltash (A38) and their older site at Monmouth (A40). All of the other service areas opened before Warminster, making it the newest proper A-road service station today. These each had a Granada Country Kitchen restaurant, shop, small arcade area, lodge and fuel forecourt. In the early 90s, Granada decided to replace the restaurant at all A-road sites, with the exception of Blyth, with AJ's Family Restaurants who it had done a deal with. This gave them a direct rival to Forte's Little Chef brand for the first time. They then added Burger King to all sites. 

However, in 1995 Granada got their hands on rival chain Forte and this gave Granada control of Forte's well established roadside brands. By 1996 the AJ's at Warminster became a Little Chef and its lodge a Travelodge. Subsequent owner changes around 2000 then saw Granada merge with Compass and demerge again leaving Compass with the roadside portfolio. In 2002 Compass then passed Little Chef and Travelodge onto Permira of Canada. However, Granada, now called Moto, kept Little Chef, BK and Travelodge at Warminster as part of a franchise agreement.

In 2006, following a successful trial, a Coffee Tempo! outlet was built alongside the Little Chef and BK. However, the Coffee Tempo! at the services changed to a Little Chef Express in 2012 along with 10 other Coffee Tempo! sites.

Today, Warminster Little Chef lives on and still has both BK and Little Chef Express sitting alongside it, helping to attract extra custom to the Little Chef. 

In 2016, the Little Chef was given a refurbishment. However, it did not sport the Wonderfully British design. Instead, it was given a retro 60s/70s look with a chequered carpet, wooden chairs and retro lampshades. Along with the refurbishment, a Subway opened alongside the Little Chef. 

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