Sourton Cross
Sourton cross little chef
Name Sourton Cross
Number 286
Year Opened 1985-87
Year Closed OPEN
Road A386, A30
Location Sourton, Okehampton
County Devon
Postcode EX20 4LY
The Sourton Cross is a current Little Chef restaurant located along the A386 near the small village of Sourton, Devon.

The Little Chef at Sourton Cross first opened between 1985 and 1987 and was housed inside of a large stone building with three floors and painted white with red touches. The building that the Little Chef sits in has the design of a converted house except for the red touches of paint which was used to reflect the Little Chef brand. Sourton Cross opened in the same era when Forte were buying out existing roadside cafes, inns and houses in order to make way for new Little Chef restaurants so that the chain could expand rapidly. Judging by its converted house design, it looks like that Sourton Cross was one of these cases. 

The Little Chef is positioned on the A386 road but it is also accessible to traffic on the A30. In order to gain access to the Little Chef, A30 travellers would have to leave the road at the A386 junction and drive a couple of hundred metres to the Little Chef. Being able to serve two roads at once was always a benefit for the Little Chef as there was always the chance of extra custom. With both roads heading towards the Devon and Cornwall coasts, Sourton Cross is a perfect Little Chef restaurant for holidaymakers to dine at.

Located next to a busy filling station and lodge, this presented a great opportunity for Little Chef to attract additional custom from the facilities. In the Granada era, a Burger King was built alongside the Little Chef but this later closed. Sourton Cross was said to be one of the largest service areas in this particular region. 

It is great news to say that the Little Chef at Sourton Cross is still operating today. Following the closure of Hayle in 2004/05, Sourton Cross has the honour of being the most Southwesterly branch in the current fleet. Current owners Kout Food Group re-added a Burger King to the offering in 2013.

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