Shardlow West
Derby South 2005
Name Shardlow West
Number 559
Year Opened 2000
Year Closed 2006
Road A50
Location Shardlow, Derby
County Derbyshire
Postcode DE72 2WA

The Shardlow West branch was a former Little Chef restaurant located on the westbound side of the A50 at Derby South Services near Derby, Derbyshire.

Probably one of the more recent service stations to have opened on Britain's A-roads, Shardlow West and its eastbound partner, Shardlow East, both opened their doors in 2000. The services were designed by ACP architects in the late 1990s and building works took place between 1999 and 2000. Each side had a very modern facility building, motel and filling station. The services were owned by Welcome Break. 

The services were built on a section of the A50 where it shared its route with the A6, meaning that the services managed two roads at once! It was certainly a busy service station! In terms of naming, the services were also known as Derby South. 

There were quite a few facilities on each side of the Shardlow Services. The main facility building on each side of the services sported a Little Chef restaurant, a Burger King and a WHSmith. Being at a service station owned by Welcome Break, the opening of the Little Chef was quite unusual as all of the Little Chef restaurants at Welcome Break sites were wiped out long before the opening of Shardlow services, yet the two Little Chefs on each side of the services managed to open anyway. As well as the shops and restaurants, there was also a Days Inn motel operating on both sides of the services. The westbound Days Inn was known as the Donington hotel, which is also the name of a service station on the M1! Confused? you should be! The forecourts of the services operated as Shell.

Both of the Little Chefs at the services were very short lived and only lasted for 6 years. Both Little Chefs at the services sadly closed in 2006 when Welcome Break went through the rebranding stage and decided to close the Little Chefs on site. It wasn't long after until the westbound Burger King had also ceased trading at Shardlow. The eastbound Burger King was also a casualty but closed more recently. The Days Inn on the eastbound side of the services was also another closure at Shardlow. Welcome Break's cafe chain, Eat In, soon replaced the Little Chefs and Burger Kings on both sides of the services. Coffee Prima was also added to the services

In 2015, the main amenity buildings on each side had closed down, meaning that all that remains today at the services is the filling station on each side and the westbound Days Inn motel. 

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