Former little chef penmaenmawr
The derelict Little Chef in 2009. The lamp posts and totem poles have remained until the restaurant was finally demolished in 2014.
Name Penmaenmawr
Number 016
Year Opened 1965-68
Year Closed 2007
Road A55
Location Dwygyfylchi, Conwy
County Clwyd
Postcode LL34 6UN
The Penmaenmawr branch was a former Little Chef restaurant located on the A55, and was the second restaurant to close on the A55 after the closure of Lloc in the late 1980s (now 'The Dragon's Rest'), and before Kinmel Park East/West in 2012 (now Starbucks on both sites), then Halkyn in 2015 (now Burger King) and Northop Hall in 2017 (now Starbucks) - and this leaves with Bangor (located approximately 10 miles away from Penmaenmawr) being the only restaurant on the A55 to remain open!

The Little Chef first opened at a service station between 1965 & 1968 near the coast of North Wales just outside of Colwyn Bay & Llandudno, and it was the sixteenth restaurant out of the first twenty-five. The building it was housed in was quite prefabricated like Little Chefs were in the 1960s.

The Little Chef lasted at Penmaenmawr for more than 35 years until it finally closed in early 2007 as a part of the sale to RCapital. The original building has since been derelict and was rebuilt as a new farm shop and cafe known as the 'Puffin', which opened in August/September 2014. Since then, the original Little Chef car park has remained, with no bins and only two of the four 'minimilk' lampposts remaining.

The farm shop and cafe closed at the end of 2015, blaming roadworks for the drop in trade. Then, the farm shop later re-opened in 2017.

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