800px-Tot Hill Little Chef
Name Newbury
Number 548
Year Opened 1999/00
Year Closed 2017
Road A34
Location Tot Hill, Newbury
County Berkshire
Postcode RG20 9BX

The Newbury branch was a Little Chef restaurant located at Tot Hill Services on the A34 near Newbury, Berkshire. 

The Little Chef at Newbury opened between 1999 and 2000 and replaced the loss of the original Newbury branch which had to be demolished due to the construction of a new dual carriageway known as the Newbury Bypass. Although it was built as part of the Tot Hill services complex in the Granada era, it was planned and negotiated by Forte in the 1990s when the new Newbury Bypass was discussed so the idea wasn't completely new. The Tot Hill Services opened soon after the opening of the Newbury Bypass which opened to the public in 1998.

Tot Hill Services opened with a Little Chef, Travelodge, McDonald's and filling station. Better still it had advanced services signage and was located off a grade separated junction, making it attractive and easily accessible for traffic in both directions. The service area itself is very modern, making it even more attractive to travellers. 

The Little Chef was one of the more successful sites in the UK for a few reasons. Everyday, it received many customers with guests at the Travelodge using the Little Chef as a place to eat and enjoy a breakfast and the odd traveller on the A34 stopping for a lunch break. Newbury was one of the two Little Chef restaurants remaining on the A34 today with Peartree closing in 2010, Weston on the Green South closing in 2012 and the two Sutton Scotneys closing in 2014. The other A34 survivor is Weston on the Green North. Also, it still seemed to be holding its own against the neighbouring McDonalds. All in all, a decent Little Chef site and a great find due to a lack of alternatives nearby. 

Following the takeover of the Little Chef chain by Euro Garages, the Newbury branch was closed down in July 2017. It is set to re-open as a Starbucks in the near future. 

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