Luton Airport
Name Luton Airport
Number 580
Year Opened 1989/90
Year Closed 1994/95
Road N/A
Location Luton
County Central Bedfordshire
Postcode LU2 9QT

The Luton Airport branch was a former Little Chef restaurant located at Luton Airport near Luton, Central Bedfordshire. 

Opened in 1989/90, Luton Airport was the first and only Little Chef site to open in an airport. Quite unusual this was as Little Chefs were only really found on A-roads and motorways throughout the UK, yet Forte decided to take a big step forward by expanding the chain into UK airports. Forte decided to kick off the Little Chef airport adventure by opening their first airport branch at Luton Airport. This was a good idea as this meant that millions of passengers flying from the airport could enjoy the Little Chef dining experience. 

Like many other restaurants in the airport, the Little Chef was positioned in the food court of the terminal.

Sadly, the Luton Airport Little Chef was very short lived and only lasted for about 6 years. By 1995, the Little Chef at the airport ceased trading, ending Little Chef's brief venture into the airport dining market. It is unknown what restaurant replaced the Little Chef after it closed.

Little Chef have not opened an airport outlet since, making Luton the only attempt so far.

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