Liphook North
Liphook North Lc
Name Liphook North
Number 492
Year Opened 1994
Year Closed 2012
Road A3
Location Liphook
County Hampshire
Postcode GU30 7TT

The Liphook North branch was a former Little Chef restaurant located on the northbound side of the A3 near Liphook, Hampshire. 

Opened in 1994, Liphook North Little Chef and Travelodge were built on the northbound side of a dual sided site just outside of Liphook, opening alongside a Shell filling station. The site was located opposite the southbound side of the dual sided service station which unlike northbound, didn't recieve a Little Chef or Travelodge. There could've been room for a Little Chef on the southbound side but it was never planned or built.

Liphook North was the 4th Little Chef site to be built on the A3 with a branch near Milford operating sometime before, Bramshott Chase and Guildford already operating in full swing and the joining of a dual sided Little Chef site (Wisley North and Wisley South) in 1996/97. If a Little Chef was built at the southbound services, this would've made Liphook the first dual sided site on the A3.

In 2011, the A3 saw the opening of the Hindhead Tunnel. As a result, the Little Chef decided to display signage at the site which read "last restaurant before the tunnel", advising passing traffic that Liphook North was the last chance to dine at a Little Chef before the tunnel was tackled.

Sadly, it all came to an end in 2012 when current owners, RCapital, announced the closure of 67 Little Chef sites that were deemed to be underperforming with Liphook North being sadly on the list. The restaurant closed in early August 2012. It was also the end for the Travelodge hotel on site which was gone by 2013.

Happily, the Little Chef reopened as a Starbucks branch and the Travelodge reopened as a Metro Inns budget hotel branch. This brought Liphook North back on its feet but it will never be the same without the Little Chef. 

So gone yes but certainly not forgotten. 

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