Name Lincoln
Number 459
Year Opened 1989/90
Year Closed OPEN
Road A46
Location Thorpe-on-the-Hill, Lincoln
County Lincolnshire
Postcode LN6 9AJ
The Lincoln branch is a current Little Chef restaurant located on the A46 near Lincoln, Lincolnshire. It is sometimes known as the Thorpe-on-the-Hill restaurant. 

The site was first built in the late 80s by Little Chef's rival chain, Kelly's Kitchen. The site was a joint venture between a Brewing Company, who operated the restaurant, and Petrofina, an oil company who operated the forecourt. This was one of 18 Kelly's Kitchens/ Petrofina sites operating across the UK, with Black Cat (A1), Seaton Burn (A1), Crewe (A500) and Beacon Hill (A14) fellow survivers under the Little Chef brand. Kelly's Kitchen restaurants were very distinctive, housed inside a building with an overhanging roof, cottage styled windows and a large funnel-like chimney built into the site and the roof. 

In 1989/90, Forte were on the hunt to expand the Little Chef chain and decided to buy out Kelly's Kitchen and rebrand all 18 restaurants as Little Chef. By 1992, Forte had added a Travelodge to the site giving them the dream combo. By 1995 Granada got their hands on Forte and added a Burger King to the site, although this later closed.

The Little Chef at Lincoln had all the ingredients of a successful site. For starters, it was positioned just off a roundabout serving busy traffic heading in and out of Lincoln, making it easily accessible and spotable to all traffic. Also, the neighbouring filling station and lodge presented a great opportunity for Little Chef to attract additional custom from the facilities. The Little Chef was also positioned next to a large population source in the form of Lincoln, meaning a high chance of attracting locals to the site. 

Today, the Little Chef is still happily operating today and is busy everyday. Plus, current owners Kout Food Group have now re-opened the Burger King, so there is even more potential for attracting customers.  

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