Ilminster little chef
Name Ilminster
Number 683
Year Opened 1996/97
Year Closed OPEN
Road A303
Location Ilminster, Somerset
County Somerset
Postcode TA19 9PT
The Ilminster branch is a Little Chef restaurant located at the junction of the A303 and A358 near the small town of Ilminster, Somerset.

The branch started out life as a Happy Eater in 1989/90. It was housed in a large brick building with the trademark Happy Eater chimney and weather vane. However, Ilminster was originally planned as a Little Chef and was even temporarily allocated the number 411. In 1996/97, Ilminster did eventually become a Little Chef as one of many Happy Eaters to be converted to the more profitable Little Chef brand.

The Little Chef is accomponied by a Travelodge and filling station, providing the dream combination for travellers. During the Granada era, Ilminster recieved a Burger King which has survived to this day.

Ilminster received the Little Chef Choices makeover in the early 2000s. This saw the addition of many other brands including Harry Ramsden's and Upper Crust. Ilminster also recieved a Coffee Tempo branch during the mid 2000s but this later closed.

In 2011, Ilminster was one of ten lucky sites to recieve the 'Wonderfully British' makeover. This included a new interior design and saw the branch rebranded in a new bright red colour scheme. A Good to Go counter was added as part of the rennovations.

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