Huntingdon little chef
Name Huntingdon
Number 416
Year Opened 1989
Year Closed 2018
Road A14
Location Fenstanton, Huntingdon
County Cambridgeshire
Postcode PE28 9LP

The Huntingdon branch was a former Little Chef restaurant located on the eastbound side of the A14 in the village of Fenstanton near Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire.

Address and Onsite InformationEdit

ADDRESS: A14 Eastbound, Fenstanton, Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire, PE28 9LP

ONSITE FACILITIES: Shell, Deli2Go (forecourt), Costa Express (forecourt), EG Diner, Burger King, Travelodge (Book Room)


Opening in 1989, the Huntingdon branch was commonly known as Fenstanton. The branch is actually much closer to Fenstanton than Huntingdon, hence why it is referred to as Fenstanton by many.

The branch was built alongside a filling station and a lodge, giving it the perfect combination of facilities. The typical design of a Little Chef from this era is the pitched roof, double front design. However, Huntingdon Little Chef is located within a larger rectangular shaped building. This would come in handy later when Granada decided to add a Burger King to the offering, giving diners an extra option.

In the mid 1990s, Forte decided to rebrand a number of Little Chefs. In a bid to try and attract more evening diners, especially from the lodges, and a young professional clientelle, certain restaurants were given an internal makeover with new carpets, tables, chairs, softer lighting, blinds and higher quality partitions and kitchen areas. These branches also received air conditioning. As part of this, Huntingdon was given blue branding.

However, when Granada took over, the majority of restaurants were reverted back to the traditional red branding. Huntingdon therefore returned to its standard red logos but kept the new furnishings.

In 2006, Huntingdon received a Coffee Tempo! outlet. This was later converted into a Little Chef Express in 2012.

Following the takeover by Euro Garages in 2017, Huntingdon was one of a number sites converted to an EG Diner in January 2018. This is due to the expiration of Euro Garages' right to use the Little Chef brand name. These sites are likely to be re-branded as another brand at a later date.