Hickstead little chef
Name Hickstead
Number 490
Year Opened 1993/94
Year Closed 2017
Road A23/A2300
Location Hickstead, Haywards Heath
County West Sussex
Postcode RH17 5NZ

The Hickstead branch was a Little Chef restaurant located at the junction of the A23 and A2300 near the town of Haywards Heath.

The original Hickstead opened in the 1960s. This Little Chef was one of four chosen Little Chefs that were featured on the famous Little Chef placemats. The other three were Gaerwen, Killiecrankie and Oxford. However, this all changed when in 1992/93, a road improvement saw Hickstead demolished.

The demolition of the original Hickstead branch led to the birth of the current branch. Forte were keen to ensure they maintained a presence along the A23 so decided to build a brand new branch. In 1993/94, the new Hickstead Little Chef opened its doors for the first time. This was at a time when Forte were experimenting with different building styles. The building at Hickstead is larger than most other sites. At the front of the building, there is a double pointed roof, similar to the style of many Little Chefs from the late 1980s.

The primary use of Hickstead Little Chef is for people travelling south from London to visit Brighton. Hickstead is located alongside a filling station and Travelodge, giving it the full quota of facilities for travellers and holiday-makers. Like many other Little Chef sites, Hickstead received a Burger King in the Granada era. This gives travellers a second food option to choose from.

The Little Chef at Hickstead closed in either May or June 2017, following the takeover of the chain by Euro Garages. It is expected to re-open shortly as a Starbucks.

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