Little Chef Feering
Name Feering
Number 687
Year Opened 1996/97
Year Closed OPEN
Road A12
Location Kelvedon, Colchester
County Essex
Postcode CO6 1HD

The Feering branch is a current Little Chef restaurant located on the northbound side of the A12 near Kelvedon, Essex. 

Forte first got their hands on the building between 1986 and 1988, taking over what was previously an independent roadside cafe, and wasted no time in turning into a Happy Eater restaurant. At this point the A12 between London and Ipswich was already pretty well served with Little Chefs at Capel St Mary, Widford, Springfield and Rivenhall so it made sense to increase representation of their other brand. The Happy Eater opened in a large building with light coloured bricks and a chimney sticking out of the roof. It also sported a weather vane with the Happy Eater logo.

Around 1993, Forte decided that it would convert all Happy Eaters to Little Chef format as the Little Chef brand made more money and a transformation plan was started. Feering received the treatment in 1996/7, by which time Granada had taken over Forte and were finishing the plans. Granada had also added a Travelodge to Feering by 1998, giving it the winning combo of restaurant, filling station and lodge. A great crowd puller!

The Little Chef at Feering is one of the most successful Little Chef sites in the UK for a few reasons. Everyday, it receives many customers with guests at the Travelodge using Little Chef as a place to eat and enjoy a breakfast and the odd traveller on the A12 stopping for a lunch break. Feering is the only Little Chef remaining on the A12 today with the Rivenhall End and Capel St Mary branches closing in 2012 and the Colchester branch closing all the way back in 2001. All in all, a great Little Chef situated on the road to Great Yarmouth.

In October 2014, the Little Chef was joined by a Burger King, giving the site a boost in terms of facilities. It also received a major refurbishment similar to the 'Wonderfully British' design. This saw the introduction of new branding at the site, along with bright red furniture and the famous blue sky ceiling.

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