Ecton East
Ecton East
Name Ecton East
Number 6995
Year Opened 1997/98
Year Closed 1999/00
Road A45
Location Ecton, Northampton
County Northamptonshire
Postcode NN3 5LU

The Ecton East branch was a former Little Chef restaurant located on the eastbound side of the A45 near Ecton, Northamptonshire.

Address and Onsite InformationEdit

ADDRESS: A45 Eastbound, Ecton, Northamptonshire, NN3 5LU

ONSITE FACILITIES: Scoffer's Cafe, Esso


Initially, the restaurant at Ecton East started off as an AJ's family restaurant. The restuarant formed one half of a dual sided AJ's site, with Ecton West on the westbound side forming the other half. Both restaurants opened in the late 80s/early 90s and they were housed inside of identical buildings with pitched roofs, large windows and red bricks. Both sites were also built alongside filling stations, which complimented the AJ's brand and helped to attract a larger audience.

In 1997/98, the AJ's at Ecton East was converted into a Little Chef restaurant. When Granada took over from Forte in 1996, they discovered that Little Chef was more profitable than AJ's, therefore they converted a majority of AJ's restaurants into Little Chefs. The remaining AJ's sites were converted into McDonald's. This was a similar case with the Happy Eater roadside restaurant chain, which again saw a majority of its sites converted into Little Chefs since the early 90s. Ecton West was also converted into a Little Chef by 1998.

The Little Chef at Ecton East was very short lived and it ceased trading by 2000. This was also the case with Ecton West. Soon after the closure of the Little Chef at Ecton East, the restaurant reopened as Scoffer's Cafe which is still trading today! However, Ecton West hasn't had been occupied since the Little Chef days and has thus remained vacant since 2000! 

So the Little Chef may have been short lived but Scoffer's still happily soldiers on with many positive reviews.

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