Bramham LC
Name Bramham
Number 207
Year Opened 1980/81
Year Closed 2001/02
Road A64
Location Bramham, Tadcaster
County West Yorkshire
Postcode  LS24 9NN

The Bramham branch was a former Little Chef restaurant located on the eastbound side of the A64 near Bramham, North Yorkshire.

Opened in 1980/81, Bramham typified the Little Chef style of the era with the flat roof and big windows facing out over the road. The A64 is a road running from Leeds to Scarborough. It feeds many towns, intersects with many routes to the North York Moors and is often used by travellers heading to sunny Scarborough for a day at the beach. Thus, a Little Chef here would be sure to have plenty of passing trade and be able to attract a lot of long-distance traffic. Little Chef's owners Forte thought so too and, to maximise the restaurant's potential chose a location next to the junction of the A1 and A64, a major intersection in the area, to help encourage extra traffic. The site chosen also had a filling station which complimented the Little Chef chain to help attract a larger audience so the restaurant had all angles covered.

In the late 1990s, the adjacent A1 and A64 interchange had been improved to a newly designed junction when the A1 between the M1 and A64  (the section that the junction was located on) was in the process of being upgraded to motorway. This was the start of upgrading the A1 to motorway between Darrington and Dishforth. Fortunately, the Little Chef managed to survive the roadworks at the time and continued to trade on successfully.

In 2001/02, Little Chef was sold by then owners Compass Catering to new owners Permira of Canada, along with Travelodge. It this time there was a cull of sites with some older, standalone sites closing and sadly Bramham was one of the casualties. It was also the end for the filling station on site which closed around the same time as the Little Chef.

In 2010, the old Little Chef was destroyed by a large fire which was said to be caused by arsonists. This fire burnt off the roof of the building and the sides too. A poor show.