Bardon Mill
Bardon Mill Little Chef
Name Bardon Mill
Number 197
Year Opened 1980/81
Year Closed OPEN
Road A69
Location Bardon Mill, Hexham
County Northumberland
Postcode NE47 7AA
The Bardon Mill branch is a current Little Chef restaurant located on the A69 near Bardon Mill, Northumberland. 

The Little Chef at Bardon Mill first opened in 1980/81. The restaurant was housed inside a small, triangular building with a single front, pitched roof, wooden gable and large windows. As for the interior, it had the usual 1980s decor with the furniture, lampshades and curtains dating back from around that era. In terms of facilities, a small filling station was built directly opposite the Little Chef. This presented a great opportunity for Little Chef to attract extra custom from the facility. 

The Little Chef at Bardon Mill is positioned in the perfect place in terms of location. For starters, it is positioned next to a single carriageway road, meaning that the restaurant could be easily accessed by all traffic from the A69. Also, the restaurant is surrounded by some beautiful Northumbrian Hills, meaning that travellers could enjoy the view whilst dining.

It is good news to say that the Little Chef is still happily operating today and is doing very well for a branch.

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