Name Axminster
Number 291
Year Opened 1984/85
Year Closed 2017
Road A35
Location Shute, Axminster
County Devon
Postcode EX13 7PZ

The Axminster branch was a Little Chef restaurant located on the A35 in Shute near Axminster, Devon.

Opened in 1984/85, Axminster was built as a standalone Little Chef restaurant in the village of Shute in the south of Devon. Although Axminster wasn't occupied by any other facilities, it still had some positives to it which allowed this Little Chef site to be successful in a way. For starters, it was built on a single carriageway road, meaning that the Little Chef could feed Olympic Breakfasts to all traffic on the A35! Also, being in a densely populated village, the restaurant was well known by locals as well as fellow traffic on the A35 and the residents of Shute could walk just a few minutes away to enjoy the Little Chef experience, thus the restaurant attracted locals as well as travellers. In some people's opinions, Little Chefs located in the centre of villages are nicer than Little Chefs on dual carriageways so Axminster's location was chosen wisely.

Like some other Little Chefs, Axminster is an example of a glorious 80s Little Chef. For starters, the restaurant is housed inside of a converted house which was the common Little Chef building of the 70s and 80s when Forte were expanding the Little Chef chain. Also, the restaurant retains its 80s logo, symbolising that it is a pretty old branch. As for the interior, it has its old school features such as the furniture and lampshades. The only modern feature of Axminster is the totem which sports the 1990s/2000s Charlie on it.

In March 2017, Axminster was one of a few Little Chefs to close down. It is set to re-open as a Starbucks in May. 

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