Acle Little Chef
Name Acle
Number 404
Year Opened 1989/90
Year Closed 2017
Road A47
Location Acle, Great Yarmouth
County Norfolk
Postcode NR13 3BE

The Acle branch was a Little Chef restaurant located on the A47 near Acle, Norfolk. 

The Little Chef first opened in 1989/90 and replaced the original Acle branch, located a couple of miles away. The original Acle branch was located on a section of the A47 which was single laned, meaning that all traffic could easily access the restaurant. However, it was highly busy as it was full of long distance traffic travelling to and from nearby ports and holidaymakers travelling to the nearby seaside town of Great Yarmouth. Something clearly had to be done in order to handle the large amount of traffic. As a result, a new bypass running alongside Acle was built in the 1980s (completed by 1989) and although this was better for traffic, it wasn't good news for the Little Chef as it had to be demolished during the roadworks. The Little Chef closed in 1989, the same year the new bypass was completed. Forte reacted to this by finding a site which could replace the demolished Little Chef and they chose a site at a small roundabout which was built as part of the bypass. This meant that the Little Chef could continue to serve traffic on the A47 but at a better site. 

In many ways, the new Acle Little Chef was much better than the old one. For starters, its position next to a roundabout meant that the restaurant could continue to serve all traffic on the A47 which shows that Forte knew a thing or two about their locations. Also, the Little Chef was positioned alongside a filling station and a Travelodge hotel, meaning as well as giving the site the perfect combination of facilities, these extra facilities helped the Little Chef to attract extra custom to the site. It was clearly the perfect site. 

In 2015, there was speculation that the Little Chef was set for a refurbishment and the addition of a Burger King outlet. However, this never materialised and the Little Chef was one of a number of sites to close in March 2017. It later re-opened as a Starbucks. 

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